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Most of you are aware that I have been writing for many years and pursuing a career in film as a writer/director. What you probably don’t know is that I have also been composing melodies and writing songs since I was 19. It is something I have kept private for the most part because I have found it difficult to explain, being that I’m not much of a singer and have no formal education in music. Either way, I’ve trusted my muse and instinct and continued jotting down all those songs inside my head. Over the years I’ve accumulated quite a large catalog of drunken songs, sad ballads, and happy melodies, over 200 actually. A vast part of my melodies and songs have been incorporated into two separate Musical scripts that I’ve been working on for many years. The rest are songs that I hope to put out there and see how far they can go. Mostly hoping that they can gain me some credit and recognition by the time I pitch my bigger projects.

I’m blessed to have a wonderful sister who not only studied music, but can sing like an angel, and has helped me to finally be able to put some of these songs together.

I was recently down in Miami recording demo songs for my musical, and had the chance to record a few “non-musical” songs on the side. These other songs are now part of a separate project, titled “Softly Spoken,” currently a demo album, which may later on become a full studio album. Please keep in mind that the ones out now are only rough “Piano & Voice” demos.

We are looking for as much feedback and exposure as possible, and we need Your Help Please. If you like any of these songs, please, please share them and give them a “Thumbs Up” on Facebook & Youtube. Every single like will not only put a huge smile on my face, but hopefully help me out later this fall.

There are currently 3 songs out for your consideration. Two or Three more will follow in the upcoming weeks.

If you managed to read all this, then I must thank you already! But seriously, If you like the songs, even just a little… please give them a “like.” If you like the songs a little more, please share them with as many people as you can.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Jack Danini